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Note: Some of the images on this page are "clickable" and will open up as "full scale images" in a new tab.
Depending on the size of your monitor you may have to click again on this image to enlarge it.
All the images should respond favourably to the use of the "zoom" tool of your browser page if
you want to up the scale further!

Mars Compendium

The image above represents a compendium of seven of the best colour images from the 2020 Mars apparition.

In 2020 Mars only rose to about 48 degrees from where we lived, with the highest elevation of this planet only 2 degrees higher when we travelled further North at times.

Not only this, the weather was very poor for much of the time in 2020 so to complete a set of images of this resolution/detail was very satisfying looking at them from the lower left upwards you will see that they represent Mars rotating to display all the different vistas.

Remember to click on the image above to see them at the maximum scale of your viewing screen - & again when the larger image page opens!



















































































































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